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The demand for highly skilled IT applicants has grown in tandem with the rise of IT organizations, making it more difficult to find competent employees. Moris, the best staff augmentation agency in United States, have consultative experience that enables our companies to recruit exceptionally experienced people who are capable of understanding both the client's market and culture. Moris staff recruiting services incorporates an effective staffing approach to satisfy the market demands of its customers, whether they need services with a short-term impact or long-term targets. We will easily provide you with the expertise you need to fill your organization's open vacancies.

Our IT hiring agency being the leading staff augmenting agency in Ashburn has experience in the software sector, and our IT staffing experts work hard to find you the best IT professionals, regardless of their level of jobs. Moris global staff augmentation agency uses a disciplined approach and outstanding support to provide the customer with the best match in the right manner and has an established track record of achievement. Our adaptability in assisting organizations in accordance with their workflow enables clients to maximize their expertise and take advantage of several opportunities. Our goal is to highly provide staff augmentation services as required with a vast number of excellent applicants.

Moris staff augmentation agency in Ashburn is proud to offer one of the top staff recruiting services in the globe. Our AI-based technologies and many constantly updated talent databases might be the perfect fit for your firm. This technology aids in the selection of the best-fit applicants from our database depending on your company's needs. This helps us to find the ideal expert for you in a shorter amount of time, lowering your recruiting costs. We offer to supply the talent you need at the location you need it with a global network spanning more than 30 nations. Other places where we have supplied our services in the past include Singapore, Canada, Dubai and many more.

Moris staff recruiting services are provided by the best recruiters in the industry, who save your time and money by locating the best talent for your project, screening them, and selecting the most qualified candidate for the job. Each candidate's data is filtered out first based on educational qualifications, job experience, and other factors before being chosen for the next phase. Before being chosen, the candidates are put through a series of rigorous tests and examinations to measure their aptitude, competency, and technical abilities. Our firm offers a variety of staff augmentation services to meet the demands of various categories of firms.

Because various organizations frequently need to scale up project-based operations, information technology staff augmentation services are extremely widespread in the market. Moris as the leading staff augmenting agency in Ashburn, evaluates our current talent pools as well as the databases we have access to in order to discover the ideal applicant for the function you require in your project. One of the specialized recruitment services that our firm offers is employee augmentation. We have professionals on hand to assist us in finding the finest candidates for various roles, including data engineers, application developers, system development specialists, and so on.

Moris staff augmentation agency in Ashburn also provide staff augmentation services for management positions in the various categories of the industry. Moris has offered staff recruiting services to multinational corporations in India, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and other countries. Over the last 10 years, our staffing firm has effectively assisted various firms in completing projects by supplying temporary workers in a short period of time. We have also assisted organizations of various niche in hiring remote staff to work on specific projects and forming remote teams in locations outside of the company's home nation.

The flow chart of Moris’s staff augmentation process: A step-by-step guide

Step 1
Identifying requirements: You must first determine the skills you need to add before starting the quest for people with the right kind of skills to improve your team. Understand the criteria you'll use to select applicants, including their skills and expertise, as well as any special credentials. You'll just need to figure out how many of these qualified people you want to employ.
Step 2
Review and Search: When you've determined what kind of recruits you're looking for, the next logical step is to look for a staffing firm that can carry out the work on your behalf using the details you've gathered. There are several ways to assess an applicant's suitability, including scheduling interviews and administering any assessments you want them to undergo before they join the squad.
Step 3
Recruiting New Team Members: When you've checked and identified the new team members, the onboarding phase of the process begins. The new team member would need to get to know the other members of the team as well as hear about the company's principles and everyday processes and procedures. And if they are specialists in their profession or skill set, they will need assistance in settling in and being happy in their new workplace.
Step 4
Provide assistance: Following the integration of new staff members into the workforce, continued assistance should be given to ensure the collaboration is as effective as possible. Allow for input, which will aid in the development of a good and ever-improving partnership with the augmented team.

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Direct appointment

Collaboration Moris will provide you with pre-screened and tested applicants that are able to participate. Our efficient candidate screening methods assist us in quickly locating eligible applicants.

Executive recruitment

Moris provides eligible candidates with a variety of senior-level roles through our executive recruitment services. Our recruiters use a variety of sourcing methods as well as good partnerships to find the best candidates for management and leadership roles.

Outsourcing recruitment process

Moris is the agency that companies refer to when they need full-time recruiting services. Moris is noted for producing higher worker productivity at a lower cost. Our highly skilled recruiters specialize in agile and adaptable RPO technologies in well-proven project management disciplines.

Swift recruitment process

The dedicated team of IT staffing and interviewing experts works tirelessly to ensure that the best applicants are delivered in terms of expertise, ethos, and experience. We assist our clients in quickly launching their campaigns.

Staffing IT resources

Our team of specialists takes the time to understand your needs, the type of enterprise you run, the project criteria, the company's philosophy, and its objectives for staffing of resources that fits perfect for your organization.


As the company expands, you can use the out-staffing model to expand capacity and plug infrastructure holes. IT workforce augmentation also saves you time and resources by eliminating the need to hire, train, and provide workers with the appropriate equipment.

Virtual hiring assistance

The Moris staff augmentation agency offers virtual staff recruiting services for a variety of positions in a variety of industries. Our virtual staff augmentation services enable you to recruit not just local teams, but also distant workers in other parts of the world.

Short term temporary staffing

Most staff augmentation services only require personnel for the period of the project. The Moris staff augmentation agency can assist you locate temporary employees that are customised to your organization's needs without putting you through time-consuming recruitment processes.

Best interview assistance

Moris staff augmentation company's information technology staff augmentation services give detailed interview help to corporations so that they may make the finest hire possible. Our firm can help you set up the entire interview procedure as well as the techniques of evaluation.

Project management

Moris staff augmentation head-hunters help find project managers and executive candidates with the skills you require for your project. We, at best staff augmentation agency in United States agency, work hard to bring in the top executives in various industry to lead your project.

Remote augmentation staffing

Moris staff augmentation firm also has the ability to recruit remote employees that are professionals in various sectors, allowing you to get the job done for less money. With the present epidemic, more individuals are eager to work from home, and our organisation serves as a link between you and them, ensuring mutual pleasure.

Thorough background check

Moris staff augmentation firm's specialists in charge of information technology staffing services do all essential background checks to ensure that the applicant is genuine. All background checks are completed properly, and we guarantee that there will be no discrepancies on our end.

Why opt for staff augmentation service from Moris?

Dedicated teams

Moris staff augmentation firm take the process of hiring extremely seriously. Our hiring process is always in motion to guarantee that we have rapid access to the top specialists available.

Top talent

Moris staff augmentation experts specialise in delivering unique solutions built by the top teams from start to finish. Our inherent digital leadership identity propels change across all industries.

On demand recruitment

Moris staff augmentation experts approach the process of hiring extremely seriously. Our hiring process is always in motion to guarantee that we have rapid access to the top specialists available.

Maintain oversight

Experts from Moris staff augmentation firm swiftly integrate with your team’s procedures, report directly to internal management, and engage actively in daily meetings and progress updates.

Time saver

Meet your deadlines and put our on-demand recruiting method to work for you. In less time, Moris staffing solutions find the best specialists for each role that suits best for your organization.

Technical experts

In Moris staff augmentation interview process, we put your logical/mathematical thinking skills, technical abilities, and soft talents to the test. Only those staffs are provided to our clients who excel in each of these areas.

Allow us to assist you in retaining the best employees! We understand your culture as well as your professional criteria!

We consider qualifications, business experience, soft skills, and technology stack when making hiring decisions.

Focus areas

  • Web Designers & Developers
  • Mobile App Designers & Developers
  • UX/UI Design
  • Dev Ops
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management

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