Partner Programs

With Moris, start a single one service that offers a 360-degree solution to your clients. At Moris we have multiple verticals that can service the A-Z of your clients’ requirements.

We offer expert professional services ranging from digital marketing, PR, talent and celebrity management, IT solutions, creative content solutions, video gigs, influencer and celebrity marketing, brand endorsements and more. Morris is an exceptional consultancy that is an answer to all your client’s requirements across Moris PR, Moris Gigs, Moris Talent and Moris Celebrity Management.

The Moris Partner Advantage

There is absolutely no large-scale infrastructure required which completely minimizes you start-up cost. Avail of the advantage of an entirely virtual set up with the help of Morris Technology and get started! Generate greater revenues, faster, with our network of 1.9 billion globally.

Be a Leader with Moris

Place yourself in a leadership position from the word go. You will be in a position to handle all your country’s clientele, B2B or B2C, heading of all the sub franchisees in your country with the help of our marketing experts


Become part of the 1.9 million Moris family across all our platforms. Generate high revenues much faster than you can imagine making business happen virtually with large scale business opportunities and online conversions. High profitability, fast client conversions and satisfaction and quick leads make this a win-win strategy for all members of the Moris global family.