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Moris is the leading lifestyle PR agency in United States. We provide lifestyle PR services for furniture, housewares, decor, electronics, restaurants/nightlife, hospitality, art, and other consumer products and experiences ranging from e-commerce sites to multinational retailers, and other new lifestyle brands. In other words, the lifestyle ecosystem is enormous and competitive. That’s why Moris lifestyle PR agency in Ashburn use lifestyle public relations to break through the noise, engage with their target demographic, achieve exposure, and draw new buyers. Global lifestyle PR agency, such as Moris, do this by developing engaging stories, content, and messages centered on lifestyle products that align with the target audience. Moris assists brands in identifying the best broadcasters and obtaining high-quality national and regional attention through a variety of formats making it the best lifestyle PR agency in Ashburn.

Experience the advantages of our personalized service, cross-sector senior experience, and high-quality partnerships. Our personalized, insight-driven approach helps us create brands. You and your staff will have us as coaches, advisors, and brand strategists. With us you will have access to some of the most innovative lifestyle PR strategies, which can help you start your company from the ground up.

Our work as a top lifestyle PR agency in Ashburn is as varied and imaginative as the people we deal with. While our work might be loud and colorful at times, we also respect subtlety and the power of invisibility. Moris lifestyle PR is part of a wider group of independent public relations firms that bridge the gap between advertising and sales promotion. Clients benefit from our creative thinking, new tactics, and commitment to getting their products and services acknowledged. We are dreamers, realists, authors, technologists, designers, and communication experts in all forms. We respond to our clients' demands by providing strategic thought, relevant counsel, and smart communication tactics. Because our audience is varied, we approach challenges from their perspective and present information that appeals to and meets their interests.

Moris lifestyle PR professionals learn about your company's goals and produce story ideas and media/influencer angles to assist you reach the proper audiences. Moris is always on the hunt for PR possibilities and making the most of them as part of the well-known lifestyle PR team. The proactive approach, responsiveness, personalized service, and devotion to helping your company create its brands are vital, and we appreciate the proactive approach, responsiveness, personalized service, and dedication to helping your business establish its brands.

Moris PR, who are experts in developing innovative lifestyle public relations strategies for any lifestyle product, approaches each work in a unique way that has a direct impact on the clients. Moris lifestyle PR have been creating successful PR strategies for lifestyle items includes the newest couture, men's and women's attire, jewellery to complement these garments, and the necessary accessories. In the lifestyle area, Moris PR routinely attracts strategic media attention to the client's product. We stay up with the current trends so that our consumers are constantly informed of what's going on in the world around them using both print and electronic media. This provides the client with the opportunity to develop and market their product.

Moris Lifestyle PR is a full-service public relations firm located in Ashburn that offers everything from strategic public relations to marketing and social media campaigns. We also provide events, digital marketing, advertising, and influencer, celebrity, and ambassador campaigns as part of our 360-degree lifestyle offering. We pride ourselves on having industry professionals giving expertise and expertise on each client account, making us the top lifestyle PR business in Ashburn.

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What sets Moris lifestyle PR apart from others?

Public relations

Moris lifestyle PR cultivates and maintains highly strong, positive, and personal relationships with members of the lifestyle media at all levels. We take a customized approach for each client, identifying important target media, communicating in brand tone, and acting as exceptional brand advocates and guardians.

Social media

Moris lifestyle PR has a dedicated social media team that works closely with each client to design a social media strategy that aligns with agreed-upon objectives to create a successful campaign. Moris PR's expanded social media plans include blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, as well as other components.

Events management

Moris lifestyle PR has extensive event management expertise, having organized everything from high-profile red-carpet events to shop openings, overseas brand building excursions, blogger/digital-specific launches, gear testing forums, and product showcases.

Digital strategy

Moris lifestyle PR understands the necessity for businesses to adapt in the ever-changing digital environment. As part of the total service, Moris lifestyle PR delivers full digital marketing. These can be utilized as a stand-alone technique or in conjunction with other activities.

Marketing strategy

Look book idea, design, and creation, photography, POS consultation/development, store marketing efforts such as shopping evenings, in-store events, and third-party tie-ins, as well as reader discounts and marketing promotions are all part of Moris lifestyle PR's marketing services.


Moris lifestyle PR regularly aids clients with their advertising, whether it's creating and implementing their advertising lifestyle media calendar in accordance with agreed budgets and marketing plans, or consulting with magazines' advertising teams on the best advertising prices.

Celebrity/ Ambassador

Moris lifestyle PR has a lot of celebrity relations expertise, from seeding possibilities for personal usage or professional performances to securing and negotiating worldwide celebrity sponsorships for clients.

Creative content

Moris lifestyle PR knows how to convey your story effectively. We can increase trust or create urgency, acquire new consumers, or strengthen existing ones. As a result, your company story will not only attract new clients, but will also encourage them to return for more.

Video campaigns

Moris Lifestyle Public Relations tells a quick narrative with likeable characters, evocative language, and a nice surprise. These elements create the difference between a video that moves the scale and one that swift publicly, and at a high cost.

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