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Sponsored content hub

A brand's data-driven, editorially inventive, audience-hustling content marketing approach revolves upon content hubs. It's your brand narrative meet-up, your online home for new and returning visitors, and your content development lab.

Sponsored listicles

A listicle, whether serious or amusing, creates a sense of attachment. Readers will gladly share a listicle with their social networking followers if the points are thought-provoking. Consequently, a listicle reaches many prospective readers and drives significant traffic to the website.

Sponsored brand videos

Because they appear on both desktop and mobile search result pages, sponsored brand videos are enticing. This implies that everyone searching on the channel can be offered a sponsored brand video, regardless of the device they're using.

Sponsored series

Sponsored series may help you expand your consumer base by focusing on certain products or categories, as well as engaging audiences that have previously watched, browsed, or purchased comparable items.

Sponsored article

A sponsored article, like traditional prospecting (sending a news release) and the guest post, is a choice available to public relations management to engage audiences.

Sponsored infographics

With sponsored infographics, users can easily share them on social media with a single click. An infographic's information-heavy nature also advantages the company in terms of authority and credibility.

Sponsored multimedia piece

There are many compelling reasons to include multimedia material on your website, aside from increased interaction and shares. It enhances the amount of time people spend on your site, improves your SEO, and allows you to improve your branding.