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If a company grows, its reliance on IT systems grows, and it becomes important to increase the monitoring, management, and organisational efficiency of its IT infrastructure. Moris, as the best server management agency in United States, offers business-critical server assistance to ensure that IT applications do not influence a company's productivity standards. Our outsourced IT technology maintenance and tracking service assists our customers in increasing system efficiency and functionality while maintaining oversight and accountability of their IT infrastructure. The server management architecture was created by combining best practices from the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) with cutting-edge server management technologies.

Moris’s global server management agency and industry-leading innovative infrastructure monitors server service and availability control in Ashburn. Moris server management services provide full documentation of all IT infrastructure maintenance operations performed, including the status, owner, completion time, and results against each customized service level agreement, also provides service monitoring. Our server support system is a set of modules and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that can be customized to meet the needs of our customers, giving them more options and flexibility which helps us in sustaining our position as the leading server management agency in Ashburn.

Moris as the leading server management agency in Ashburn provides Web Hosting companies, Data Centers, and ISPs around the world with dependable and affordable outsourced web hosting support, including 24x7 Technical Support, Remote Server Administration, Server Security, Linux Server Management, Windows Server Management, and Helpdesk Management. Server Administration, Advanced Server Security, and Server Security Hardening are all areas in which we excel. Our major goal is to provide complete client pleasure through affordable pricing, proactive service management, server security, and excellent customer service.

We offer a competent outsourced web hosting support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with unmatched quality, allowing you to provide excellent service. We are obligated to fulfil the commitments made to our consumers. Moris server management company in Ashburnserves more than 30 clients globally and is one of the leading technical support providers for web hosting businesses. Our professional technicians can swiftly and effectively resolve even the most difficult server issues.

Any technological strategy must start with server infrastructure. Servers, in fact, are viewed by business and technology leaders as the foundations upon which all company needs may be addressed and addressed. Even more so since servers allow for process integration and communication between internal and external stakeholders. With Managed Server Services, you can get the reliable, secure, and redundant infrastructure you need right now, without having to spend a lot of money up front. Then take use of built-in scalability, which allows you to add middleware or services as needed. Best of all, by choosing Moris server management agency as your hosting provider, you can focus on what matters most: your company's long-term success.

Client demands are met, and client retention is prioritized through responding to changes on a regular basis. We recognize that our customer service specialists are here to represent your brand and corporate image in addition to resolving your customers' difficulties. Long-term commitment aids in the understanding of the client's business, which improves the service given. We pledge to offer you with excellent service so that your services are always available at a reasonable cost. All of our procedures are created with the goal of increasing client satisfaction.

Levels of dedicated servers at Moris server management firm

Level 1 - Unmanaged

There is no software/server administration assistant included.

This is the simplest level of management we have, and it's intended for system managers who don't need our help. You are responsible for protecting your server as well as managing the server programme and upgrades if you select this choice.

Level 2 - Self Managed

Assistance, improved administration, and tightened security controls

Our level two service management packages are ideal for anyone who can operate the server on a day-to-day basis but will need assistance on occasion. 20 service monitors with SMS/Email notifications are provided, as well as 30 minutes of technical support each month for problems like compiling apache, DNS /mail server bugs, and extensive support. In addition, we can perform an initial server strengthening as well as protection scans on demand.

Level 3 - Semi Managed

Database upgrades, maintenance activities, and software firewall setup

Our third level of management includes one hour of technical support every month, as well as automated security upgrades for your operating system, database, DNS, mail, and web server software. Optionally, a virtual firewall can be installed and configured as part of this service. You will have root access to the server with this management kit.

Level 4 - Fully Managed

Total surveillance, automatic server updates, security fixes, dedicated hardware firewall

With our highest degree of server management, we will offer complete server administration as well as up to 5 hours of technical support every month. Our level 4 management kit also includes a dedicated hardware firewall that is designed to your specifications based on the planned use of your server. Please keep in mind that if you want Level 4 management, you will not have root or administrator access to the server; however, if you have a control panel, reseller access will be given.

More details on server administration

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Ashburn’s best server management services at Moris

Initial server setup

We will review your server setup and update it with the most recent release version of the operating system and control panel after you engage us to operate your server. Automated maintenance activities are set up for day-to-day operations.

Initial security audit

This plan includes a security assessment for your servers, which covers firewall setting, software package security hardening, and external scanning. After that, we will send you a report with our recommendations.

Proactive update

We'll install WSUS in your infrastructure, which will allow us to keep track of updates, upgrades, and patches for most server applications. We will alert you and set the proper time for implementation when the server detects an update that needs to be implemented.

Security audit

We do it using antivirus software, and any problems we find will be brought to your notice. We will explore the choices available to remedy this issue with you and take the required action, depending on the severity.

24X7 monitoring

We employ a monitoring system to keep track on server activities. This tool is capable of gathering detailed information on the state of your machine and responding quickly in the case of an outage.

Trouble shooting

Our technicians are skilled at resolving a wide range of issues, including low disc space, performance issues, incorrect user activities (spam, greedy processes, etc.), hardware issues, server upstream problem detection (and subsequent discussion with DC), and a variety of other desktop and server-level issues.


It's not simple to keep track of your company's data backup. Server owners are constantly troubled or distressed by hacking attempts and viruses. As a result, good data backup and storage has never been more critical than it is now. Having a backup of any important data safeguards you in the event that the original is lost or destroyed.


Our team of recovery professionals will guide you through the whole process. We will give you with ideas on how to upgrade and rearrange your servers to ensure full data redundancy and failover protection after the successful recovery.


Using our new trends and technologies, you can virtualize your large, complex, heterogeneous infrastructure now, allowing you to take advantage of the limitless capacity that virtualization provides while still fulfilling security and compliance needs.

Server optimization & hardening

We harden your server on all levels, including network level optimization, operating system level optimization, file system level optimization & security, and a variety of other factors.

3rd party software

It takes a lot of time to build new tools and software. Moris' third-party software and toolkits enable developers to immediately access the most up-to-date software, reducing the time it takes for their apps to reach market.

Technical level support

Moris gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you to rapidly and efficiently complete important business processes. Technical assistance can also assist you in making critical business decisions that will help you increase profits.

Packages for server management exclusively available for you.

Choose a package that fits your needs and inquire about it.

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4
24/7/365 Support
10 Minute Guaranteed Support Response
Hardware Replacement SLA1 Hour1 Hour1 Hour30 Mins
Qualified Linux/Windows System Admin TimeDiscretion30 Min/Month1 Hour/Month5 Hours/Month
Initial Server Hardening
Initial Software Firewall Install
Security Updates/Patches
On Demand Security/Health Checks
Anti-Virus Install
Service Monitoring with SMS Alerts1 Monitor20 MonitorsUnlimitedUnlimited
Pro-Active Monitoring
CDP Managed Backup & Restore Service
root/admin Access

Moris server management professionals deliver results-oriented technical support

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