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Moris is the best quality assurance agency in United States, specialized in quality assurance services. We recognize diverse procedures and quality differences by effortlessly embracing our clients' ethos and mission imperatives, allowing our quality assurance experts and specialist consulting services to conduct accelerated continuous test execution and accelerate progress. We provide a wide variety of quality control solutions and services. When it comes to correcting a defect or overcoming a larger task, knowing when to deploy the correct service or approach at the right time is critical.

Moris has a strong background in quality assurance and research, as well as vast industry expertise. We as the leading Quality assurance agency in Ashburn, get right to work, quickly learn your priorities, and team dynamics so we can start providing the market value you need. We go beyond technological expertise and add a fresh, in-depth perspective to the quality assurance efforts, focusing on industry best practices. Meanwhile, our global quality assurance agency provides testing group which has the critical mass and geographic footprint to give you peace of mind that your website or software is suitable for your target markets. Our research services are focused on providing actionable reviews on the issues surrounding your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The techniques and methods that systematically monitor multiple aspects of a service or facility are referred to as quality assurance. Moris Quality assurance activities uncover and fix faults or deviations from defined standards or requirements through audits and other types of evaluation. In other words, throughout the creation of products or services, quality assurance assures a high degree of quality. The terms "quality assurance" and "quality control," which are both aspects of the management process, are occasionally used interchangeably. From consumer-packaged goods manufacturers to software development firms, almost every company uses some type of quality assurance in their manufacturing. Some businesses may even create a quality assurance department with people entirely dedicated to the task.

Rather of going through an unmonitored manufacturing process and trying to “inspect the quality” of a final product, Moris quality assurance services focus on developing good procedures to generate goods with quality built in. Set requirements for designing or producing dependable goods are established and maintained by Moris QA. Moris quality assurance services are designed to boost consumer trust and credibility while also enhancing work procedures and efficiency, allowing a firm to compete more effectively.

Moris effective quality systems may significantly contribute to project success, but when they are poorly understood, they are likely to be weak and ineffectual in guaranteeing that the supplied system is provided on time, constructed by the team within their budget, and meets the customer's needs. Moris quality assurance is concerned with developing, documenting, and agreeing on a set of quality-control rules. QA planning begins at the start of a project and is based on software requirements as well as industry or corporate standards. Quality plans, inspection and test plans, defect tracking tool selection, and training of personnel in the specified procedures and processes are typical consequences of QA planning efforts.

Moris Quality Assurance Services provides a comprehensive variety of software quality assurance services as well as the ability to customise testing services to meet the demands of the customer. Quality Assurance is defined as a systematic procedure aimed at providing services that are excellent, desired, and of high quality in the eyes of the client. It entails providing professional quality assurance services that are both safe and effective, as well as meeting the demands and desires of the customer. QA is a broad and diverse notion that assesses how effectively a provider's technical requirements and client expectations are satisfied.

Moris exhibits wide range of expertise in quality assurance

Functional testing

Validate the produced functionality against the functional requirements to test the software's end-to-end functionality. Before the code is put into production, find and repair problems.

Performance testing

Ensure that your application performs at its best in terms of speed, response time, scalability, reliability, stability, and resource utilisation under a variety of workloads. Carry out capacity planning and instal the necessary infrastructure.

Reliability testing

Ensure that your programme works as intended across a variety of environments, time periods, and load levels. Microservice architectures should be tested to guarantee that a single bad microservice does not bring the entire system down.

Accessibility testing

Ensure that persons who are blind, deaf, or have motor difficulties have equal access. Comply with all government rules pertaining to disabled individuals using automated tools for accessibility testing, such as A11y, Axe, and WAVE, to uncover flaws early in the development process.

Cross-browser testing

Examine your software application on a variety of browser-OS combinations, devices, screen sizes, and infrastructure conditions. Ensure a consistent and user-friendly user experience across all hardware and software environments.

Native-app testing

Because native mobile apps employ device-specific hardware and software, ensuring a focus on device-specific elements such as the accelerometer, GPS, and compass. Keep an eye on device-specific indicators like heat generation, battery performance, and mobile UI.

Regression testing

Automate the process of confirming that recent code modifications have not broken the current software application's operation. Make use of DevOps procedures and techniques to guarantee that the test suite is executed automatically.

Load-stress testing

Test the performance of your software application under various loads (peak, off-peak, min/max/average) and compute the platform's expected consumption. Assess the demand on VMs, plan capacity, and build up infrastructure.

UI testing

Test the GUI to ensure that the software application's visual elements execute in the manner required by the Design team in terms of look, functionality, and performance. Diagnose and resolve issues using metrics identified as part of an Observability Driven Development course.

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Moris provides high-quality testing services improving overall industry performance

Quality control consulting

Get specialised consulting services from Moris to help your testing pipelines produce high-quality software. Integrate DevOps and Observability Driven Development into your testing workflow. Automate everything you can to achieve greater code quality, faster iterations, accurate problem diagnosis, and faster deployment.

Infrastructure testing

In Moris' customised CI/CD process, test the hardware, software, network, firmware, and other infrastructure requirements. Use monitoring and analytics to find and fix vulnerabilities, gaps, and back doors that might jeopardise your infrastructure's security.

End to end digital testing

Conduct omnichannel testing across the full digital value chain, from the user interface and mobile capabilities to the cloud infrastructure. Use Moris' ready-to-use frameworks and boilerplates to speed up the testing process, assure high-quality code, and deploy code more quickly.

Specialised testing

Receive answers to current testing concerns, as well as potential answers for future issues that develop as the technology matures. Make use of Moris' technical and subject skills to foresee problems before they occur.

Data quality assurance testing

Examine the data standardization's quality and the veracity of the data analysis that results. Create customised data quality assurance checklists to verify data availability, accessibility, structure, and completeness.

Testing automation

Maintain agile principles and DevOps procedures by automating your testing ecosystem from beginning to finish. To automate test cases and deliver software quicker, use Moris' customised frameworks and scripts.

Managed quality assurance

Ascertain that all your initiatives adhere to governance requirements, data security regulations, and industry best practises. To become a direct contributor to strategic company value, gradually mature the QA department by adopting robust processes and more.

Core testing

Moris offers end-to-end testing and quality assurance services to assist businesses navigate an increasingly complicated technological ecosystem. We have been assisting worldwide organisations in gaining predictability via a well-established quality assurance strategy.

Test consulting

Moris' quality assurance services help multinational businesses attain greater levels of test maturity more quickly. We remove risks and boost production, resulting in increased efficiency and actual cost savings, thanks to our focused and consistent approach to quality assurance.

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Specifying requirements

Requirement analysis

We gather, analyze, and document all project-related materials and activities to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Technical writing

Our team has experience preparing various types of project documentation: project charters, technical requirements, functional requirements, architecture design documents, and more.

How it works

We assemble a team that evaluates the feasibility of your project from the technical, legal, and operational perspectives. This gives us a holistic understanding of your project and its goals.



We define types of testing based on factors such as platforms involved, project size, development methodology, and post-release plan.

Manual testing

Our testing specialists test software on a variety of platforms and operating systems. They ensure that software behaves as expected by putting themselves in the user's shoes and going through many test scenarios.

Automated testing

Using special testing software such as Selenium, Appium, and JMeter, our team executes automated tests and compares actual outcomes to predicted outcomes.


Error correction

After a product has been launched to the production environment, some minor errors can appear that weren’t detected during testing. Our team tracks these errors and fixes them as quickly as possibles.

Extending capabilities

We provide product upgrades and work on any product change that increases your software’s capabilities. Our team thinks outside the box and offers suggestions for improving your product.


We discover areas in your software that can be optimized to work more efficiently and use fewer resources. By refactoring your code or modifying your software we can achieve better performance.

Code audit & refactoring

Source code analysis

Our team fully analyzes source code to define its current state and decide what should be done to improve its quality.


To make software satisfy non-functional requirements such as source code readability and maintainability, our team refactors code during development.

How it works

We follow best practices for code reviews, taking into account the age of the source code, product architecture, and development conditions.

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